Artificial Intelligence


Harnessing artificial intelligence technologies and solutions in applying the principle of smart production and transportation systems, sustainability and business efficiency to keep pace with the industrial revolution in cooperation with the National Center for Artificial Intelligence and the academic community


Leadership in enabling artificial intelligence in the enterprise

  • Creating an AIU to best reflect the SWCC willingness and keenness to further harness its technologies across multiple operations.
  • With AI coming into play, hence notching up resounding successes, SWCC remarkably enhanced efficiency, increased production capacity and further promoted sustainability.
  • AI will have a vital role in disaster risk reduction, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting in water transmission systems.
  • The AIU is one of the main tools to better achieve the vision and mission of SWCC in the Kingdom and the entire world.

With SWCC uniquely taking the lead at the global level, beyond compare, evincing greater willingness to play the main role in protecting water security in the Kingdom and the world in the future, it has become necessary to use the most technologically advanced tools to enhance the SWCC ability to play such a key role and beyond. To this effect, the creation of the AIU was strategically to make SWCC one of the leading actors in optimizing state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies and AI solutions across multiple operations.

What are the benefits of adopting AI solutions in the SWCC operations?

The tremendous importance of optimizing AI

The many initiatives introduced by the AIU for the various operations and activities within the facilities of SWCC are very vital, especially with 32 plants producing 5.9 million cubic meters of water and transported through 6 systems being in full swing. Taken together, these initiatives have well contributed to strengthening the SWCC leadership position in optimizing AI in water desalination operations, as well as harnessing AI technologies and solutions in applying the principle of plants, smart transportation systems and business sustainability and efficiency.


The AIU at SWCC has successfully accomplished a number of discrete initiatives that constitute a major addition that contribute to raising quality and efficiency, while achieving more sustainability goals. Listed down are the key Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives: