His Excellency Al-Abdul Karim reveals the future vision of “SWCC” for the development of the water industry in his speech at the Ambrosetti Forum

image of His Excellency Al-Abdul Karim reveals the future vision of “SWCC” for the development of the water industry in his speech at the Ambrosetti Forum

His Excellency the Governor of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Eng. Abdullah Al-Abdul Karim, revealed the Kingdom’s future vision for the development of the desalination industry. Based on its global leadership, strategic visions, capabilities, research and scientific expertise, which has placed it at the forefront of developers of technologies supporting the growth of this industry at the lowest economic and environmental cost.

His Excellency Abdul Karim explained by Addressing the leaders of the water sector, European delegations, experts, investors, and business leaders participating in the Ambrosetti Forum in Italy, that the value of these global agglomerations lies in publicizing the importance of water, to ensure adequate availability and achieving environmental sustainability to meet the needs of the present and the future. Emphasizing the availability of opportunities and investment potentials for the development of sustainable water resources, by leveraging innovative technologies in the growth and development of the industry, which in turn stimulates further innovation to develop highefficiency technical products.

The “SWCC” Governor added; "We in Saudi Arabia understand how the water source can be abundant, sustainable, and accessible; as we produce more than 9 million cubic meters of desalinated water every day, we are also transporting these waters from the coasts of distant cities to all the Kingdom's cities. So this big task became easy for us as we gained experience and knowledge, and today we are with you to take this industry to the most advanced level so that we can all benefit from these experiences and innovations that we have made.” 

His Excellency said, "Today, we use water in the urban field, and we have started to provide this type of water source for agriculture. I believe that we have achieved the lowest energy consumption in this industry within the Kingdom, by 2.7 kilowatts per cubic meter of desalinated water. Moreover, we are trying to target a new record in energy consumption, and we are not limiting ourselves to the current technology.”

At the conclusion of his speech, His Excellency expressed his appreciation to the participants, noting the opportunities this conference provides for presenting the latest and most recent developments in the water desalination industry.

The Forum witnessed an understanding about signing an agreement between “SWCC” and the European House Group to work on a number of economic, strategic, and technical researches in the desalination industry, in addition to exchanging experiences, strategic studies, and transferring knowledge in the field of water desalination and environmental research.