The "National Transformation Program” honors the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) for achieving a world record in production of 6.6 million cubic meters per day

image of   The "National Transformation Program” honors the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) for achieving a world record in production of 6.6 million cubic meters per day

The National Transformation Program honored on Monday March 13th, 2023 the Saline Water Conversion Corporation SWCC, for its achievements in keeping pace with the goals of Vision 2030, and its efforts to enhance water resources in the Kingdom, raise the quality of water services, employ research and innovation, and enable local capabilities in this sector, based on its strategic initiatives to enhance the sources of water.  desalinated water, building local content capabilities, increasing efficiency and performance, and enabling it to reach the production capacity of desalinated water to unprecedented levels, achieving a world record for desalinated water production amounting to 6.6 million cubic meters per day, and obtaining an award of excellence for adhering to the requirements of local resources and enabling it.

The honoring, which came within the framework of the activities of the “National Transformation Program , a reality in which we live, which is currently being held in the city of Riyadh, crowns the great leaps that “SWCC” has achieved in the water sector, based on the strategic goals and major initiatives that have succeeded in achieving a large percentage of them, and through which it aims to support the water sources in the Kingdom, the sustainability of its water security, meeting the needs of beneficiaries, enhancing local resources in the water sector, ensuring water and environmental sustainability, and preserving the Kingdom's global leadership in the desalination industry.

The initiative to increase the water resources strengthened the corporation’s production systems to reach 30 systems along the eastern and western coasts of the Kingdom, and strengthened the delivery and storage systems in giant projects, through 7 delivery systems with daily capacities of 11.3 million cubic meters, and lengths of up to 10,500 km, reinforced with storage.  It has a strategic capacity of 21.8 million cubic meters of desalinated water.

Within the framework of its qualitative initiatives, it was able to bring about radical changes in the water desalination sector, and to consolidate its position and contributions to growth, prosperity and sustainability, through the establishment of 10 production systems with a capacity of 760 thousand cubic meters of desalinated water per day, and 7 water delivery systems with a capacity of more than 3.6 million cubic meters per day, while its lengths amounted to more than 1,900km, and it also established 17 strategic reservoirs with a total capacity of more than 2.9 million cubic meters, which in turn contributed to consolidating the main supply and increasing the security of water supplies.

In the context of its initiatives to reduce energy consumption, "SWCC" has succeeded in achieving a reduction of 80% by replacing thermal technologies with economical and environmentally friendly reverse osmosis technologies, in addition to reaching a consumption of less than 3 kWh per cubic meter. Its research and innovation efforts will also contribute to promoting better use of energy sources, in reducing carbon emissions by 34 million metric tons in 2024.

In the field of supporting local resources , its endeavors culminated in creating job opportunities, developing local skills and capabilities, and cooperating with local suppliers and contractors, which enabled it to reach 61% local resources, in addition to enhancing local resources in supplies and services for the water sector by more than 50%, and exceeding the 2030 target set by 45%, in addition to enabling this resources to reach 10.8 billion riyals in domestic capital spending.

SWCC’s innovative projects, which has great capabilities and resources to reshape and develop the desalination industry based on innovation and business model, also included an agreement to localize the reverse osmosis membrane industry, aimed at localizing research and acquiring environmentally friendly technologies, and contributing 1.5 billion riyals annually to the gross domestic production. Also the operational savings were documented with the Authority for the Efficiency of Spending and Government Projects exceeding 1.6 billion riyals in 2021 and 920 million riyals in 2020, with a total of more than 2.5 billion operational savings.