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After purifying it from contaminants, seawater is heated in the final phase of the steamer) Energy rejection unit). Feed water is then treated chemically and sprinkled over the upper part of the heat exchanger bundle of tubes arranged horizontally inside each steamer. Steam coming from the boiler inside the steamer tubes is condensed to obtain distilled water. When water condenses inside the tubes, it raises the boiling temperature of seawater on the external part of the tubes due to the low pressure inside the steamer. Boiling produces new supplies of steams which are then transferred to the next steamer due to the difference in pressure, since each steamer works at a lower temperature and pressure than the previous one.
This process of condensation and distillation is repeated in the second distiller, which acts as a condenser of steams coming from the first distiller. These steams then act as heating steam in the first distiller and similarly the third distiller acts as a condenser for the second distiller. Each distiller in this series is called an effect. The number of effects is based on thermal effectiveness and capability. Distiller, only part of the steams produced is re-pressurized with the steam coming from the boiler through the thermal pressurizer. The rest flows to the last phase in the distiller (thermal rejection section) to heat seawater where it condenses and mixes with the produced water.
Brine and distillate are collected from cell to cell inside the distiller without pumping, due to the difference in pressure effect.
The Labor Committee
His Excellency, the Governor’s Address
Instilling principles and high values, fairness and fraternity among all workers is a religious duty for all nations and peoples of the world, regardless of rules and regulations and constitutional laws.
Ever since I Have been nominated by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques as Governor of SWCC, my focus and my top priority were on the human element, which I considered as the foundation of my strategic goals in building an institution that values knowledge and work. I have done this not just for the period of my tenure but for all my  successors who will find, god willing, a solid institution built on past experiences and learning's from my predecessors and a vision of prosperity and excellence, working hard to instill the concept of a knowledge organization and developing young talent who will carry on the responsibility in the future
My aim is not limited to achieving fairness and equality among workers, but also on fostering the value of loyalty to the institution and providing them with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and their competencies to achieve success.
This aim is in line with the foundation principles and objectives set by the labor committees established on 8 Muharram 1422 H. after approval from the ministry of labor to establish SWCC in their letter No, 1/4411, dated 12/06/1425,
This is what I have been trying to achieve with the help of my distinguished and capable colleagues since the first day I started my journey at this institution.
This wasn’t mere talk or theory for consumption as may be understood by some, It was reality based on executive decisions. As an example, I started by relinquishing one of my benefits as Governor, the housing allowance. This was my first decision which proves that my motto and my vision are going to be translated into action to achieve the highest level of satisfaction and fairness among all staff of the corporation. This decision was one of many that was taken in the interest of the worker and the work and in line with the new developments needed during this phase.
Giving priority to the worker shows how strong my belief is in the importance of the individual and the vital role he plays in the organization as a whole and his contribution to the creation of “the drop of life”. In so doing, he is rewarded by Allah the creator for quenching the thirst of all people living in this blessed land.
What pleases me and makes me proud, as one of members of this giant institution is that SWCC had the lead among other government sectors in establishing the Labor Committee whose role is to provide senior management with recommendations regarding improving work conditions, raising productivity, and ensuring quality of product, which help achieving balance between the interest of the worker and that of the institution, and stability in the relationship between the two parties. To this end, the corporation has worked hard on providing safety and security for its workers as well as professional training and personal development programs to raise their social conditions.
What we expect from our colleagues, as members of this committee, is to be fully dedicated and aware of their responsibilities and roles, and to respect God almighty in their dealing with their colleagues in the organizations as a whole, and I am confident that, God willing, they will live up to these expectations.

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) is a Saudi Government Corporation responsible for the desalination of seawater producing and supplying various regions in the Kingdom with desalinated water. The corporation was established by royal decree dated 20/08/1394 H, corresponding to 07/09/1974 H, as an independent government corporation.

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