The Vision
A model of effective partnership for sustainable social development
The Mission
A pioneer agency in instilling a culture of social responsibility and translating our values into a noble behavior for the benefit of our workers and their families and society as a whole, by activating individual as well as institutional partnerships and carrying out fruitful activities to achieve sustainable development.
What is social responsibility?
To pursue the production of water and electricity with effectiveness while looking after the welfare of our workers and their families, and to contribute to sustainable social development.
Social responsibility and Corporate Values
1. I feel happy when we complement each other (Team Work)
2. I take the initiative to improve my performance and that of the organization (Taking initiatives)
3. I make sure to do my work with perfection all the time (Quality and Perfection)
4. I serve others with fairness (Fairness)
5. I am proud to volunteer outside my regular duties (Volunteering)
6. I have a role in the survival of my society and the development of its resources (Sustainability)