​​General Definition
The research institute is considered the main foundation of industrial development in all its sectors, as it contributes to the development of scientific theories related to manufacturing, which in turn contributes to the improvement of products, raising the level of performance, increasing production and lowering cost
The industry of desalination in the Kingdom has gained high strategic importance in view of the scarcity of fresh water resources. As a consequence, SWCC has become a world  leader in water desalination production. Today, SWCC covers 17.4% of the total world production of desalinated water and 45.5% of desalinated water production in the Gulf region.
SWCC’s firm belief in scientific research and technology development has been the main reason for the establishment of a specialized research institute to conduct research studies in the field of water desalination.
The institute is located next to one of the biggest desalination and power generation plants in the Jubail province, on the eastern coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
SWCC established its Research Institute at Al-Jubail, KSA, as part of the Saudi American Cooperation Agreement. It was inaugurated in 1407 H. corresponding to 1987 G under the name of Research & Development Center.
The institute made big strides in the field of research and development, contributing to improvements in desalination technology, water treatment techniques, increasing efficiency in operations and maintenance and reducing production cost in the operating stations.
The institute has an excellent infrastructure consisting of a number of laboratories equipped with the latest technology and experimentation units, which made it the number one institute specialized in seawater desalination,
The institute has around 106 employees,, 35% of whom are research experts
The Institute’s Vision
Excellence and leadership in research, innovation, and provision of solutions in desalination techniques
The Mission
Research: Achieving excellence in applied scientific research to enhance desalination techniques
Innovation: Contributing to the improvement of services through innovative desalination techniques in the Kingdom
Solutions:  Providing best solutions at a low cost and with high performance to private and public desalination projects to help them produce quality drinking water
Strategic Goals
1.Building an excellent work environment for research by strengthening the mode of operations and internal work procedures
2.Building a cadre of distinguished researchers by developing technical skills and knowledge, and building corporate and individual competencies to achieve excellence in water desalination research.
3.Expanding the institute’s services to cover the international market by providing technical and scientific expertise and technical solutions, at an international level , to support research and development operations for the desalination industry
4. Increasing the financial resources of the institute by building internal capacity for research and development, managing intellectual property and marketing technologies