The Department of Reverse Osmosis is focused on the following
• Developing the operation of membrane based desalination
• Evaluating the different types of membranes
• Developing the different technologies of pre-treatment
• Determining and solving operational problems in reverse osmosis
• Opening and washing membranes to reuse them
• Designing membrane operation in reverse osmosis stations
Main achievements of the Department of Reverse Osmosis
1. Developing a new method of using an accurate membrane based technology in a commercially operated station and for the first time in the water desalination industry
2. Examining optimal conditions of highly accurate membranes and finding material deposits after treatment of seawater
3. Starting the Al Barak station which uses the reverse osmosis technology by supplying it with water from shore wells
4. Studying optimal coordination for nano membranes and increasing the level of extraction to 90%, which helps lower its operational and investment cost
5. Using base nano membranes to remove boron from seawater and registering for international and American patents
6. Preparing for the assessment of a high extraction level reverse osmosis unit to reduce cost of production of desalinated water