The focus of this department is as follows:
• Studying the mechanisms of formation of salt deposits with low melting rate in the desalination station and ways of controlling and preventing this phenomenon.
• Studying decontamination methods for seawater and produced water and their effects.
• Monitoring water and air pollution in the desalination stations.
• Monitoring the quality of water produced.
• Supporting the departments of the institute and the operating desalination stations by conducting advanced analyses of different products used.
Main studies undertaken by the department
1. Evaluating the effect of oxygen removers as a replacement for Hydrazine in thigh pressure boilers.
2. Evaluation effect of fuel additives to reduce corrosion and emissions from chimneys, in desalination and power generating stations.
3. Monitoring quality of water produced by the flash distillation stations on the eastern coast for the Riyadh region.
4. Monitoring oil spots at the entrance of Al Khobar and Jubail stations
5. Impact of certain chemicals used in the recycling solution on anti-sedimentation.
6. Development of an analytical method to measure anti-sedimentation concentrate in saline solutions.