The activities of this department are centered on the following:
• Studying different types of mineral corrosion and its formation process
• Conducting studies to reduce the impact of corrosion in desalination stations
• Assessing the level of mineral  corrosion and selecting the most acceptable for new projects
• Assessing the extent of impact caused of  additives on the  process of desalination in the corrosion of initial products
• Assessing anti corrosion products and recommending the most appropriate for use
Main achievements of the Corrosion Department
1. A study on the causes of the failure of the turbine flaps in the electrical force unit due to corrosion and mechanical wear and tear. The study recommended the use of a different material and making some changes in the design
2. A study on the causes of the frequent failure of the desalination units pumps, due to the use of the type of material used. The study recommended the use of a different material which proved its success.
3. A study on the removal of scale deposited on the surface of the desalination units pipes using an anti corrosion product with in addition to sulfuric acid. The study showed the effectiveness of the new material as well as its low coast compared to the previous one used
4. A study on the development of a new method to assess the condition of the boiler pipes and determine the basic doses for chemical washing. The method was successfully used in desalination stations
5. An applied study on corrosion of material in terms of the rate of corrosion and the factors impacting it in sea water and saline solution . The study led to a better choice of material for use in the desalination stations