​​The corporation’s interest in training and qualifying the national human capital started in 1402 H. corresponding to 1982 when it inaugurated two training centers, one in Jeddah and one in Jubail. In 1407 H. corresponding to 1987, the two centers were merged into a single training center in Jubail. The center, which was built on an area covering 37,000 square meters, with all the necessary training requirements in terms of training rooms, workshops and laboratories, equipped with the latest training tools and teaching aids. The center was inaugurated by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Ibn Fahd Ibn Abdulaziz, Governor of the eastern province on 21/7/1407 H. corresponding to 21/2/1987. In 2007, on 28/8/1428 H., His Excellency the Governor of SWCC inaugurated Building No. 2 of the center, which housed a number of additional workshops and training rooms, equipped with the latest in terms of training technologies and instruments.
Training Programs
The center carries out two kinds of training programs, and they are as follows:
• Foundation Programs (Qualification Programs). These programs included
1. The foundation program for engineers
2. The foundation program for operators and technicians
• Development Programs (to raise competency levels)
These programs aim at raising the competency level of all employees by developing their skills and knowledge related to their specialization. The programs are carried out as needed by the stations, and depending on the capacity of the training center.  The following is a list of programs offered under this category:
1.Programs in the operation of desalination plants and electric power
2.Programs in the maintenance of desalination plants and electric power
3. Computer applications programs. Computer applications programs
4. English language programs
5. Safety and fire extinction programs. Safety and fire extinction programs
6. Warehouse management  programs
7. Business administration programs
Programs of social responsibility
Aware of the importance of the center's management role assigned to it in the service of community development and has provided the center (6) summer programs for the children of employees between the year 1426 to the year 1434 AH, benefiting nearly 140 trainees.
Also carried out and implemented many programs and lectures, activities and exhibitions for the development of awareness and community service, in addition to harness all the material and human potential free to achieve this goal, which is one of the strategic objectives of the center.
Design of training courses and programs form the start date of the Center up to the second quarter of the year 1433 H. (2012)
Programs Number of sessions The number of trainees
​Development programs and employee career path plans ​3758 ​38596
Foundation programs for engineers​ ​24 ​923
Foundation program for operators and technicians​ ​43 ​4989
The Training Center’s Goals
• Designing training plans to achieve Saudization and skills development and conducting training needs analyses.
• Implementing foundation programs for fresh graduate  engineers, operators and technicians
• Training programs for all employees of the corporation in various technical and administrative fields in addition to the setting up of career paths
• Cooperating and coordination with other public and private institutions concerned with training and continuing education
• Professional rating of Saudi trainers and certification
• Preparing training packages, including design, review and accreditation
Core values of the center
1. Teamwork spirit
2. Creativity and knowledge dissemination
3. Fairness and transparency
4. Perfection
5. Social responsibility