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The corporation’s interest in training and qualifying the national human capital started in 1402 H. corresponding to 1982 when it inaugurated two training centers, one in Jeddah and one in Jubail. In 1407 H. corresponding to 1987, the two centers were merged into a single training center in Jubail. The center, which was built on an area of 37,000 m2, included all the necessary training requirements from training rooms, workshops, to laboratories, and equipped with the latest training tools and teaching aids. The center was inaugurated by HRH Prince Mohammed Ibn Fahd Ibn Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Province on 21/7/1407 H. corresponding to 21/2/1987. In 2007, the Governor of SWCC inaugurated Building No. 2 of the center, which housed a number of additional workshops and training rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art training technologies and instruments. Training Center’s Objectives: 

  • Designing training plans to achieve Saudization and skills development and conducting training needs analyses. 

  • Implementing foundation programs for fresh graduate  engineers, operators, and technicians 

  • Training programs for all SWCC employees in various technical and administrative fields in addition to career path planning. 

  • Cooperating and coordinating with public and private institutions concerned with training and continuous education. 

  • Vocational rating of Saudi trainers and issuing of corresponding certification 

  • Preparing training packages, including design, review and accreditation. 

Training Center performs several training programs: 

  • Qualifying Program for Engineers – Operators – Technicians . 

  • Development Programs( These aim at upgrading the competency level of employees by developing their skills and knowledge in relation to their specializations. The programs are carried out as needed by the plants and depending on the capacity of the training center.  Programs offered under this category include: Programs in the operation of desalination plants and electric power. - maintenance of desalination plants and electric power - Computer -English language - Safety and fire - Warehouse management  - Quality ) 

  • Social Responsibility Programs: Acknowledging the importance of the center's role in community development, the center has conducted (9) summer programs for employees’ families  In this connection, it also delivered many programs, lectures, activities, exhibitions, and community services. 

  • The training center has started to operate on  a commercial basis through specifying the  training programs for both governmental  and private sectors in accordance with the  training needs and requirements of both.  This was also accompanied by the training  center’s intention  to  invest its training  facilities by hosting and organizing seminars,  lectures, and training courses delivered by  other organizations. 



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